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Posted by : Luis Zena Oct 10, 2010

Things haven't really gone for the better at my favorite flea market but we have to work with what god gave us! Or something like that, anyways I dug up and hunted for hours to bring these finds for you!

I picked up this TMNT foot soldier from the classic series(1989 or so) so I can start a new quest! That is to build an army of foot soldiers! I want to create a scene where there are twenty foot soldiers fighting the ninja turtles in a technodrome scenery....so that's 1/20 complete! Oh yeah picked this action figure up for a buck.

Here are four PS1 pirate games! And no these aren't burned copies, they are pirated manufactured ones which makes them unique. I need to get my portable PS1 to try these out. I have checked the discs and they look in great condition so I don't think there will be a problem in running these. The games are also in a very familiar language but I think the title of this post says the answer itself, yes they are Russian! Oh yeah picked each game up for 2.50

Here is the back art, I think a very special someone will confirm this is Russian.
I also picked up these two sealed packs of e-reader cards for 50 cents each, wootness!
I also picked up this copy of Ico for ps2 for two bucks. It's the second one I found but I sold the other one to a friend of mine so I have this game back to my collection.

Now, here is a very interesting handheld, it's called Dragon Star but it looks awfully familiar to something very popular to this day......I'll let you think about it for a second or two ok?

Behold, Merio handheld! I know there is a Famicom pirate cart that goes for the same name so if anyone has some clues or if you know of any connection to it, I would greatly appreciate it.
Finally, I picked this one up for the hell of it. Gotta have some Goosilla! They were all a dollar a piece so I couldn't go wrong on this one.
Oh yeah I also picked up this green N64 with controller for 20 bucks. The lady wanted 25 but I told her I would be back later and as I was leaving she saw me and wanted me to take it and I told her all I had was 20 (I actually had 25 har har har) And she said yeah. I also think that's the expansion pack thing on the console, correct me if I am wrong though.

So that's about it, there were simply very interesting finds and games from the past I couldn't say no to. I say it wasn't such a waste of time going since I came back with some intriguing items. I hope things will go for the better though, the flea just isn't how it used to be. Till next time!

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